Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hi and Welcome!

I'm excited to start this new blog that's been brewing in my cerebellum for some time. I've been thinking about ways to save some money, and in this economy, one can't be too cautious. I've been scouring the internet for money-saving blogs, other moms who are trying to do the same, and there are some outrageous people out there. I'm not trying to pare down my living to ridiculously boring and senseless, I'm just trying to save a buck or two.
Take the challenge with me! From time to time, I'll create some money-saving challenges and let me know if you participate in them! I'll post money-saving tips and you can share yours. Let's make this journey fun, cause face it, saving money isn't always easy, but the challenge can be rewarding!

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  1. Melissa, here's one for all the mom's in our area. A free movie and good family time. The kids do a book report (the little ones can draw a picture about the books that you read) and they have select movies on Wednesdays in West Springfield that are free if you bring the book report, just download it from the website. It does get crowded though, so go early.