Monday, June 22, 2009

Menu Mondays

So here, life strategies and fun stuff! I'm excited about sharing with you all tricks and tips I've learned as well as you sharing your strategies with the rest of us!

I've been trying to come up with some handy little Titles, like Menu Mondays, Wednesday's Wisdom and Family Fun Fridays, without having to post everyday but also bringing you what you're looking for. I think this should cover most of it, but if it needs to be tweaked, then it will be!

Here's my menu for the week, and one of the all-time money-saving tip for groceries is to make a menu and a list of everything that you will need for the week and only shop once (not necessarily at 1 store, but once/week.) If you run out of milk (except, of course, if you have a baby) make sure you have alternate breakfasts and drinks on hand for that instance. It's hard to get started, but there are oodles of blogs that post menus and you can get ideas from them.

*Let me challenge you for this week or next week...when you go grocery shopping, try to make a list and STICK to it! Don't vary from it one bit, so that will take some planning beforehand. Try to take a coupon or two as well. Can you do it?? Let me know!
Since we're going on vacation next week, I've decided to save my precious cash and not do a major grocery shop this week. I may need a random cucumber or something, but I think I have enough here in the house to survive for the week. So here is my potential menu for the week:

Monday - Nathan's birthday and he chose a good old-fashioned cookout (burgs and dogs with potato salad and chips. Seeing that we had a cookout here over the weekend we have some drinks leftover)

Tuesday - salad with chicken strips that I bought last week from Price Rite or lettuce wraps with pork that I grilled last week.

Wednesday - possibly homemade meatballs that I made a few weeks ago and froze with spaghetti and sauce. Wednesdays are hectic for us, so I try to keep it as simple as possible. I'm also working this Wednesday (I only work 8 days/month as an Orthodontist Assistant, and it's 8 different days each month) so that makes it crazier, considering we have church Wednesday evenings.

Thursday - Probably grilled chicken with grilled zucchini and some rice or potatoes

Friday - Bacon-cheddar oven pancake, fruit

Saturday is usually fend for yourself

leftover homemade cinnamon rolls from Sunday
Frozen waffles (premade and homemade)
eggs and fruit
toast with peanut butter

peanut butter and jelly
hot pockets (for the adults)
salad with chicken strips
cheese and crackers
veggies with hummus and crackers

Do you have a menu plan for the week that you would like to share? Will you take the grocery challenge I listed above? Link up here and let me know!

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  1. Congrats on your new blog! I love reading weekly menu plans and getting recipe ideas, so I'm looking forward to reading yours each week. If you'd like to link up your menu plan on my blog, I also have a Mr. Linky.